About Me

Basic Info

Full Name: Caroline Masson

Nickname: Caro, Care Bear

Birthday: August 6th 1982

Age: 18

Hair: Blond

Eyes: they can be blue, grey, green, purple....it depends on the day.

Height: 5'4"


Fave Color: Blue, Yellow

Fave Number: 6

Fave Food: Pasta

Fave Dessert: Ice Cream

Fave Candy: Starburst

Fave Music: Pop/Rock, Alternative

Fave Group: Hanson, Moffatts, Vertical Horizon, Lifehouse, Greenday, O-Town

Fave Singer: Billy Gilman, Gil

Fave Movie: A.I

Fave TV Show: 7th Heaven, Simpsons, Boy Meets World

Fave Actor: David Gallagher, Barry Watson, Haley Joel Osment

Fave Actress: Beverley Mitchell, The Olsen Twins, Danielle Fishel

Contact me

Email: masson@mlink.net

AIM: DrummerBabeZB

Yahoo: caroloveshanson

ICQ: 82187252

MSN: drummerbabezb@hotmail.com