Where did you get the title from?

Well, actually, I'm a big Hanson fan too. They have this song called Weird and my favorite Moffatt song is Typical, so I combined both my fave songs and ended up with Typically Weird. Cool huh? :)

Can I use some of your pics on my website?

Ok, since none of the pics were taken by me, I cannot let you take them unless you email the owner. Usually, on the pics, there's an email address where you can reach the owner. If I ever get some pics of my own, I will let you use them if you put my link on your website.

Where's the 'Real Life' fanfic?

For all of you who have been emailing me about Real Life, well, it's back on the site...I just had some problems with tripod and had to restart the whole site and when I came to add Real Life back, I had forgotten the link.




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